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Welcome to "Dave's Radio Receiver Page". Here is my little spot on this earth to pass along my experiences and or comments about "Radio Receivers", as well as other gizmos that I use in my radio monitoring / recording ventures. My main focus is in the "Shortwave" part of the radio spectrum. A few other radio related items have been thrown in too , including amateur radio equipment reviews and views that may not be directly related.

I have been playing around with radio receivers for well over 30 years now, and in this time span my fingers have run across many models, some really good and some really bad. Most comments you read here have been pulled from my own head, but from others as well (as noted). All observations from me are being made with the 2 ear / 2 eye method, so no fancy test equipment here. These of course are my views and your findings may well be different.

Any set being listed on these pages does not mean that I own it or plan on owning.
See Dave's SW Receiver "Master List"

I'm sorry if any part of this site seems to have a "Soap Box" slant to it , but I "tell it like it is" .

Thank You for stopping by and enjoy your visit to this webpage.....Dave N9EWO

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"THANK YOU" to all below who have helped to keep this web page here and updated, as well as providing test samples .This is a reader supported page : Donations (in US $$'s) please for me to continue MY STYLE of research / update for this news page as well as supporting the entire web site (my time) and for adding new reviews . Also any reader news and input / reviews is also most welcomed. Dave N9EWO.
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" Radio Receiver - Views / Reviews and Comments " - Tabletop

AOR AR7030 Tabletop HF Receiver

ICOM IC-R75 Tabletop HF Receiver (with AD-55A modification)

ICOM IC-R9500 Wide-Band DSP Receiver (with LDG M-7700 meter information)

Microtelecom PERSEUS - Direct Sampling HF Receiver

Ten-Tec RX-340 DSP HF Receiver

Ten-Tec RX-350 DSP Tabletop HF Receiver

UNIDEN Bearcat BC898T Tabletop Scanner Receiver

WJ-8711 (A) and WJ HF1000 (A) DSP HF Receiver
(Finmeccanica - DRS Technologies - Signia IDT - BAE Systems - Watkins Johnson)

YAESU - STANDARD VR- 5000 Tabletop "All Mode" Wide-Band Receiver

(JRC) Japan Radio Co. NRD-545 Tabletop DSP HF Receiver

(JRC) Japan Radio Co. NRD-345 Tabletop HF Receiver

(JRC) Japan Radio Co. NRD-505 Tabletop HF Receiver

(JRC) Japan Radio Co. NRD-630 DSP HF Receiver

(JRC) Japan Radio Co. NRD-301A HF Receiver

(JRC) Japan Radio Co. NRD-93 HF Receiver

(JRC) Japan Radio Co. NRD-345-525-535-545 User Defined Charts

" Radio Receiver - Views / Reviews and Comments "- Portables

GRE / GRECOM PSR-800 "EZ Scan" Digital Scanning Handheld Receiver (RadioShack PRO-18) / Uniden BCD396XT

UniWave Di-Wave 100 / NewStar DR111 LW / MW / FM / SW DSP Receivers with DRM

AOR "AR-mini" and ICOM IC-RX7 Pocket Wide-Band Receivers

ICOM IC-R20 Handheld "All Mode" Wide-Band Receiver

DEGEN DE1103 (KAITO KA1103) LW / MW / SW / FM Receiver

KCHIBO KK-S500 , Tecsun PL-600 , Tecsun PL-450 , DEGEN DE-1104 Receivers

eton "e1" LW / MW / SW / FM / XM Portable Receiver

Grundig - eton Satellit 750 / Tecsun S-2000 LW / MW / SW / FM / Aircraft Receiver

TECSUN PL-360 FM Stereo / LW / MW / SW DSP Receiver

Grundig G6 - DEGEN DE1109 LW / MW / SW / FM / Aircraft Receiver

SONY ICF-SW7600GR , ICF-2010 (ICF-2001D), CRF-1 Receivers

" Radio Receiver - Views / Reviews and Comments "- Portables with Built In Recording

Grundig - eton "G2 Reporter" (DEGEN DE1128) MW / SW / FM Receiver - MP3 / WAV Recorder-Player

DEGEN DE1121 (KAITO KA1121) LW / MW / SW / FM Receiver - MP3 Player - MP3 Recorder

DEGEN DE1126 - DE1127 - DE1123 (KAITO KA1123) - DEGEN DE1125 - Pocket MW / SW / FM DSP Receivers - MP3 Player - WAV Recorder

" Radio Transceiver - Views / Reviews and Comments "

ICOM IC-7600 Tabletop DSP HF / 50 MHz Transceiver (includes PS-125 PS Fan and HM-36 Mic Modifications)

ICOM IC-756 PRO II (2) Tabletop DSP HF / 50 MHz Transceiver

ICOM IC-T90A and Kenwood TH-F6A Triple Band Amateur Handheld Transceivers

WOUXUN KG-UVD1P Dual Band Handheld Transceiver

YAESU - STANDARD VX-2R , ICOM IC-P7A and ICOM IC-Q7A Dual Band "Micro" Amateur Handheld Transceivers

YAESU - STANDARD VX-3R , VERO (BAOFENG) UV-3R Dual Band (including MK 2) "Micro" Amateur Handheld Transceivers

" Other and Miscellaneous... "

Sangean DAR-101 Digital MP3 "Stand Alone" Audio Recorder

"RF SYSTEMS" GMDSS LW / MW / SW Vertical Antenna vs. MLB-MK2 Long Wire Antenna

PALSTAR LA30 Ferrite Loopstick Antenna (prototype)

ErgoGenesis "BodyBilt" Mid Back J752 Task Chair (CR /ESD Type)

Dave's SW Receiver "Master List"

Dave's Mini Disc (MD) Page

Dave's Miscellaneous Stuff

Dave's Best Links