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Dave's Best Liked Link's

Just a few web page links that I like and feel worth visting.
Enjoy.....Dave N9EWO.

The LOWE HF160 HF receiver that never happend

"Radio Pics" web page for a pictures of old "modern" radios

The SWLing Post

Paul Lannuier's WW2PT radio page is loaded with SW radio equipment information including JRC stuff

Fred Osterman's "DX'" is packed with info for the novice or seasoned radio listener.

Glenn Hauser's "World of Radio" page. Shortwave broadcasting news and for his latest radio program and sched.

Tim Noonan keeps on top with US TV/MW/FM station happenings in the USA midwest as well as other broadcasting information.

Purchase "REAL" Surge Power Line Protection for your receiver & other electronics !!

Forget the rest and I mean
ALL of the rest !! NO MOV's !!!

" ZeroSurge " Inc.

" Brick Wall " Surge Suppressors - Powerline Filters

" Dave's Radio Receiver Page " - The Archives

With the help of the "Internet Archive - Way Back Machine" we can all have a LIMITED peek at this web page from the past. Has always been done on the simple side, but it has sure come a long way since I started it way back in 1998. This web page has moved around over the years.

Sadly most of the old "GeoCities" site were not archived to the "Way Back Machine". So those are lost , but have fun if you dare.

Dave N9EWO

Yes, were dealing with the AOR AR7030 bugs even back at day one of this page. You will notice overlap and almost blank pages as I transfered stuff between sites and the lag with "Way Back Machine" archives files.

1998 to 2000 : "davez" (Ticon)

2000 to 2003 :
"joelt" (Ticon)

2003 to 2003 :
"swradios" (Forture City) (as you can see, the site here got hacked in it's later days and was forced to move it)

2003 to 2008 : "n9ewo" (Ticon)

2005 to 2009 :
"n9ewo" (GeoCities) (was active with "n9ewo" Ticon as a alternative site for a time , most not archived...sorry)

2009 to ???? :
"n9ewo" (Angelfire) (where we are today)

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