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We are looking for a DECENT condition "Sony ICF-2010" with NO MODIFICATIONS and from a non-smoke environment. No blown Q303 FET samples please nor any with a generic  Q303 repair. Prefer serial number around  / above 350000 but is not a deal breaker. Photo's (and or video) required, including in operation.

Current "For Sale" Items (non-smoke-pet environment). USA Lower 48 Only.
Contact me direct for additional information / photo's. Use email on top of this page, you must manually type it out, please include your zip code for shipping cost quote. Thank You ! (Jun 22) :

-   JVC RX-8V Stereo Receiver "Dynamic Super A" Stereo Receiver . 100 watts per channel amplifier with actual remote control and manual, click on link for photo of the sample. High quality Johanson trimmer capacitors installed in tuner section with professional realignment. SUPER hot FM tuner with EXCELLENT sensitivity and selectivity. New back light lamps. 7 band EQ with spectrum analyzer. Works perfect / some cabinet scratches but nothing serious / no dents. PLEASE NOTE : Big and heavy - could cost in the $ 50.~60. area to ship / double boxed. A late 80's JVC Classic that sounds fantastic ! $ 85.
-   NEWSTAR DR111 "MW / SW / FM / DRM" Receiver (email me for pictures of actual sample), MP3 player Like new in original box / manual / AC Adapter. EXTREMELY RARE STANDALONE DRM RECEIVER !  Still has protective plastic on LCD. Latest firmware , works 100% properly ! Decodes DRM excellent ! $ 110.
-   Degen DE1128H - MW / SW / FM / MP3 player-off air recorder (H is the greatly improved model with large 1.6 Watt audio amplifier + subwoofer and properly working MP3 player over the non H model or Grundig G2 Reporter. Has RDS and MP3 player includes shuffle function. New condition in Box / Packing / Battery / English manual. VERY RARE - No longer available for sale new from Dealers and not many were manufactured. $ 70.

"Welcome to the Other Side" : We "thank you" for making the move over to the new (old) Anglefire host. As you can see the old host location is now gone. Mind you it's not perfect here with the AD's and Pop Up's (and whatever other gremlins that might creep up). With no sponsor for the web host / domain we had no choice with no real budget for this venture. (Updated : Jun 16)

So we carry on as usual here but a few changes that needed to take place. These were to help reduce bandwidth and total space used as both are more limited here. :
1. -  No more PDF or audio files (some of which are not allowed on this host). We added the text from those PDF's we had used on the bottom of affected page instead (example : Kenwood R-1000 page).
2. -  Removed old / outdated / dormant reviews. If you are looking for a removed review, please see the DRRP (Charter) "Internet Archive" pages located here.
3. -  No more web traffic counters and script to clog up the pages and create issues.
4. -  To make it easier for me to edit, the news page will normally no longer have pictures (unless extremely important)
5. -  Pictures will continue to be "modest quality". Because of bandwidth restrictions again.

UPDATE : Carl S. reports to us directly that his AR-DV10 sample has these shortcomings : Flickering display, extremely low audio, low sensitivity and yes the dreaded drift issue. Has not enjoyed 1 good monitoring session with it. "Caveat Emptor" at least for now. (Updated : Jun 21)
- Icom 7610 Heat Sink, Loose or Detached ADC Heatsinks
- You Tube Video : IC-7610 Issues: LCD Burn In, 'Heatsink Gate' & Others (clearly shows the LCD "Burn in" issue at the end)
- You Tube Video : Icom 7610 Heat Sink Check

Icom released new 1.32 firmware on April 09 : USA 02 version linked here.
Changes in v1.32 firmware
- Fixed distortion that sometimes occurred when receiving a signal in certain situations (has our audio distortion issue been addressed ?).
- Improved parts of the speech function.

We have now tested the new IC-R8600 v1.32 firmware and I’m very pleased to report that audio distortion / harshness issues to MY ears with 1.30 /1.31 has truly been cleared up. Even sounds cleaner / sharper than what 1.20 did......excellent indeed Icom..."thank you" ! I will say that it's has to be the cleanest and most pleasant sounding communications receiver we have EVER used with the 1.32 firmware installed, yes it's that good. Icom now needs to fix what I call the "AGC Swamping" bug.  See my updated version 9.6 review for the updated information on all of these topics.

UPDATES : (Updated : Jun 21)
After more time using it, the CS-R8600's (IC-R8600's programing software from Icom) "print function" is near useless in our view as as it can't print entire channel information on one page and wastes paper to total unreasonable limits ! We used screen shots of the GUI "pre-print" screen (landscape) and just printed those .jpeg's (even if this was a chore to make happen).
"BUG REPORTS" have now been moved over to the BOTTOM of the review page. Will continue to update these as required on the review page, but only to cover samples with the new 1.32 firmware now (Last entry Jun 01).
Version 1.01 "USB I/Q Package" for HDSDR was released on May 31st. Now supports the Windows 10 Version 1803 (April 2018). Note : We have not tested the I/Q feature of the IC-R8600 (nor do we use Windows 10).
-  Eric Cottrell reports that the Icom has now released the IC-R8600 I/Q OUTPUT REFERENCE GUIDE
Many replace the main 3 pot controls with better quality ones (at around $ 10. to $ 15. for EACH control). In our limited research near "drop in replacements" COULD be ? : PEC Brand (were Honeywell Clarostat RV4 Series), Both Linear Taper, 10 %, 2 Watt . NOTE : We have not replaced these in our sample (at least not yet), nor have we acquired the parts to do so.

2 "Gain" Pots  R9 and R20 : TWO RV4NAYSD251A (250 ohms)
1 "Phase" Pot  R16 : ONE RV4NAYSD102A (1K ohms)
IMPORTANT UPDATE : Our concerns were found valid. Rob Sherwood NC0B reports to us that the IC-7610's internal fan does indeed cycle with JUST RECEIVE ONLY use !! So it's the same as with the IC-7600 fan operation and noise (our full IC-7600 review can be seen here). I for one will NOT be making a IC-7610 purchase now or in the future (it's off my possible purchase list permanently). But I'm sure for many (most) this trait will not be an issue at all. This is a VERY IMPORTANT factor and a total deal breaker for ME ! As we have already covered in our IC-7300's review, it's fan NEVER operates in just "Receive only" use. NO fan operation is REQUIRED with any "receiver" for our very sensitive ears to this kind of noise !!

For many IC-7600 owners, after awhile with the fan inhaling air nearly full time in a warm room, annoying viewable dust can settle in between the front lens and the actual LCD. Removing that is near impossible for most. One can find references to this issue on the IC-7600 "Groups IO" list. Now....IF the IC-7610 will have this same trait is unknown ?
(Updated : May 23)
"Universal Radio has moved its operations to a more efficient location here in the Columbus, Ohio area where we can continue to serve our loyal customers. This will be the fourth location change since Universal was founded in 1942. We look forward to many more years of serving the amateur and short wave communities which Universal Radio has done for 75 years. The new location is a 30-minute drive from the old Americana location." .

Universal Radio Inc.
651 Lakeview Plaza Blvd. Suite B
Worthington, OH 43085

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