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Contributing Editor : "Passport To World Band Radio” 2000 to 2009

Welcome to "Dave's Radio Receiver Page". Here is my little spot on this earth to pass along my experiences and or comments about "Radio Receivers", as well as other gizmos that I use in my radio monitoring / recording ventures. My main focus is in the "Shortwave" part of the radio spectrum. A few other radio related items have been thrown in too , including amateur radio equipment reviews and views that may not be directly related.

I have been playing around with radio receivers for over 40 + years now, and in this time span my fingers have run across many models, some really good and some really bad. Most comments you read here have been pulled from my own head, but from others as well (as noted). All observations from me are being made with the 2 ear / 2 eye method, so no fancy test equipment here. These of course are my views and your findings may well be different.

Any set being listed on these pages does not mean that I own it or plan on owning.

I'm sorry if any part of this site seems to have a "Soap Box" slant to it , but I tell it like it is with my "hard - hitting" unbiased hands on reports.

"Thank You" for stopping by and enjoy your visit to this web page.....Dave N9EWO

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Dave N9EWO